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There are 3 major parts to your BIG wedding day; so much attention is given to that day, people tend to forget about the steps it takes before, during and after the wedding. Call a wedding planner, have FUN and say thank you. Before the Wedding As you may...

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As you may already know, there are a ton of wedding planners to choose from when planning your BIG day. But have you hired the right wedding planner? Have you researched and done your homework on what services you needed vs. what the wedding planner is offering? When it...

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Before you start planning a wedding, first ask yourself if a wedding checklist is a necessity to keeping you on track. Remember the primary purpose of a checklist is to make sure you don’t forget anything of your special day. When you create a checklist, you must be specific...

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  The first recorded wedding gown was worn by Princess Philippa, the daughter of Henry IV back in 1406.  Although many of us today, believe there is only one reason for wearing a white wedding dress versus a colored wedding dress, this too is a myth.  There are many...

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Which FAVOR/ FAVOUR WILL YOU USE? A lot of people wonder why words such as color, honor, favor and harbor are sometimes spelled with an –our instead of just an –or ending. Simply put, it’s all a case of you say “to-MAY-toe” I say “to-MAH-toe” –both are correct. Generally,...

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Wedding cakes are expensive, very expensive actually, and a lot times much of it goes to waste. Not all couples want to serve cake for dessert and many guests don’t want cake either, or maybe they just aren’t overly fond of dry chiffon cake traditionally used in layered wedding...

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So you know a lot about parties –you’ve thrown a bash or two back in high school and college, you even planned your high school’s senior prom, so why hire an event planner? Won’t that be just unnecessary expense? Well it would be if you’re simply planning a backyard...

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A wedding is a very special occasion not only for the affianced couple but also for their family and friends. It takes a great deal of time, money and energy to plan. If you are invited to a wedding, do make sure that you help make the celebration more...

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