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Ditch the Wedding Cake
So you don’t want a big old wedding cake and you also want to avoid that crazy “Cake Cutting Fee”, yet you still want that beautifully designed dessert that will knock everyones socks off? No worries!! These days you have so many options to choose from and while saving money.  Ever heard of a dessert bar or dessert buffet table?  Well, what about having a wedding cupcake bar or cupcake table?

Wedding Cakes vs Cupcakes

Today, many people ate incorporating cupcakes vs wedding cakes into their weddings. Many people want to not only be different but save money along the way.  And what better way than to have a station set up, just for your guest to choose a cupcake and dress it with all their fav toppings?  Things to include at your wedding cupcake bar are: Cupcakes of course (better to have a variety, vanilla, chocolate and another popular favorite), icing, candies (m&m’s, crushed toffee, variety of sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, etc.).  And don’t forget the milk and or ice cream to chase all that sugary goodness with.

Wedding Cakes | Saving Money

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, let’s not make the wedding cake an added stress, if simple and inexpensive is what you are going for, then this would be a great option for you and your guest.  Now remember, you and the groom/bride can still “cut the cake”, it would just be a much smaller cake; hey but who is counting calories here? Of course not you, right before you’re honeymoon.

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