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Wedding cakes are expensive, very expensive actually, and a lot times much of it goes to waste. Not all couples want to serve cake for dessert and many guests don’t want cake either, or maybe they just aren’t overly fond of dry chiffon cake traditionally used in layered wedding cakes. However, many couples think that a wedding simply isn’t complete without the multi-layered and elaborate wedding cake. To solve this dilemma, somebody came up with the fake wedding cake.

What’s a fake wedding cake? Why, it’s probably one of the most practical choices for couples on a budget. A Styrofoam mold is dressed up in fondant or Perma-icing and used as for the bottom layers of the cake. Usually, the topmost layer, the part that is sliced by the bride and groom during the ceremony, is the only real cake. The cake is then wheeled out of sight and servers will return with slices of real cake for the guests. Choosing a fake wedding cake will save couples hundreds and even thousands of dollars plus it usually also means better tasting cakes for your guests since cheaper tiered wedding cakes almost always translates to dry cake.

If you are on a budget, choosing a fake cakes means you can still have your elaborately designed wedding cake without having to break the bank.

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