Hot Wedding Invitation Trends 2016

Certainly the wedding invitations we are seeing in 2016 are nothing short of works of art, and guests are inclined to want to keep them as treasured keepsakes long after the memory of the wedding has faded. They are interesting and original and inspire the invited to want to keep the wedding date as something not to be missed. A typical example of this is couples who love the outdoors and who choose laser-cut wooden wedding invitations, including some hay tied with string, providing an inkling of the fun that awaits at the outdoor wedding and barn-reception.

Pop Ups a Hot Trend

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Pop up cards are a hot trend in 2016, and bright, original pop-up cards are easy to make for those wanting to save. They can be elaborated on in different ways with paint or even colored stick-ons and you just want to make sure you select a good quality uncoated paper. If you’re having a beach wedding for instance, pop-up palm trees will add an artistic dash to any wedding invitation.

Bridal couples are starting with amazing designs as soon as you open your envelope. Envelope liners are the very first thing guests see when they open their invitations, revealing just a little bit of the personalities of the couple getting married, from the unique colors to quality paper and unusual fonts. The outer envelope can have a pop of color just to give you a taste of whats arriving in the mail. Within the envelope are all your different cards – invite – reply card and maps.

Breaking Away from the Norm

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From country chic to romantic to conservative to classic and contemporary, hot wedding invitation trends 2016 know no limitations. In this technologically advanced age, modern couples are even steering well away from traditional paper invitations and are forwarding guests a video game where they have to actually play the game to find out the details of the wedding. Others write a wedding song and share it digitally.

Some people save loads of money by getting an artistic friend to create stylish wedding details on a plain white serviette. Plain black ink used for the wording and for a striking, yet simple picture, can be eye-catching, clever and creative.

The hot wedding invitation trends in 2016 may or may not appeal to you. The biggest wedding trend in 2016 is to simply be yourself and ensure that every detail of your wedding is about you and what you find so appealing.

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