As a wedding planner, a common question we get asked by brides purchasing their own alcohol is, “how much alcohol should I have at my wedding?”  This is a great question because no one wants to under purchase and leave people irate about not having a drink… I mean, come on, that’s one of the main reasons people attend weddings right? Ok, no, I’m kidding, but it is a very important aspect of the wedding, which is why you should never run out. But we also want to be smart and not over purchase alcohol, unless you’re ok with stocking your own personal bar at home after the wedding. We found this great article on APW that breaks it down and helps you understand exactly how much alcohol to purchase based on your headcount and how many people actually drink. Read more about it here. Leave us a comment if you have any specific questions regarding your weddings or need tips and ideas on signature drinks, etc.

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