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Before you start planning a wedding, first ask yourself if a wedding checklist is a necessity to keeping you on track. Remember the primary purpose of a checklist is to make sure you don’t forget anything of your special day. When you create a checklist, you must be specific and very detailed, so carefully consider your wedding checklist source before you start.

Wedding Checklist| Organize Your Wedding

Many people have diluted notions of what a checklist will look like after going through with al your wedding plans. But one important aspect many forget is that you cannot control the unforeseen events. You need an established wedding planner, a survival kit and your completed wedding checklist.

Top 5 Things to Include in Your Wedding Checklist

The top 3 things to include in your wedding checklist are: (1) Hire a wedding planner; this eliminates all of your stress. (2) Decide on a budget and stick to it. (3) Choose your wedding date with 2 backup dates in case your venue is booked. (4) Visit and choose a wedding venue, figure out if you want both wedding and reception in the same place or two different places. Always, confirm all accommodations with your rental. And lastly (5) Start your guest list but be mindful of your budget when selecting who is invited.

Who Else Has a Copy of Your Wedding Checklist?

The wedding checklist is a big deal simply because you will be living with the results for a long time if you’re not prepared. Here is a great idea, send a copy of your wedding checklist to your Maid of Honor as well as the groom, the more people the better. Make sure you have a wedding checklist of what you want and make sure what’s on your checklist suites your every want.


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