Wedding Stationary | What’s Included?

These days, time spent being creative and thrifty is time well spent. It certainly gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you have managed to save some money but also achieve wedding stationery which is worthwhile and attractive. There is far more to wedding stationery than just the invitation. and the Internet is full of inspirational ideas that are guaranteed to make the planning of your wedding fun and fabulous.

Save the Date

The ‘Save-the-Date’ notification is a thrilling part as it is sent out a few months ahead of the wedding invitation, allowing the guests to mark the date, start making travel arrangements, request time off work and they also get a taste of what sort of a wedding it might be; theme, color, style, etc. The save-the-date notification generally matches the wedding invitations, but remember this is your wedding, so nothing is set in stone.

Find the Wedding Venue Easily

In the wedding stationery category, apart from the invitation, you can’t just simply leave your guests to their own devices. You have to assume that no-one knows how to find the wedding venue. Included in the wedding-suite of stationery is the all-important ‘Direction Card’. Some people, especially your elderly guests, get irritated with Google maps so it is far better to include some easy-to-follow directions of the main routes, enhanced with easy to read printed details.

Accommodation Cards

Some guests attending your wedding will be out-of-town guests and they may not be familiar with your particular town or city. You may want to include what is known as an ‘Accommodation card’, providing details of hotels, guest houses and B&Bs they will need to book into. Give them an idea of the accommodation costs as well.

The Anticipated Response Card

The ‘Response card’ is another important card, making up the wedding stationery category. If you are making use of postal services, make sure to include a stamp on the response card, not only for your guests’ convenience, but to encourage a response so that you get ahead with making your wedding arrangements in terms of who will be attending.

Your wedding will be a lot more creative and unique when you have the appropriate stationery. Curiosity is certainly sparked with the Save the Date notification, allowing guests to tune their minds in to the wondrous event ahead.

Wedding programs

A wedding program is the perfect way to remember your day, thank people who made it possible, and to let out-of-town guests know who’s who. While this is not a must-do, there are certain ceremony instances where wedding programs are more important than others. You just have to decide if yours will be one of those weddings.

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