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There are 3 major parts to your BIG wedding day; so much attention is given to that day, people tend to forget about the steps it takes before, during and after the wedding. Call a wedding planner, have FUN and say thank you.

Before the Wedding

As you may already know, planning your wedding can be very stressful and time consuming. So, with that being said, be sure to first, hire your wedding planner, then create a folder to keep all of your wedding planning documents, timelines, checklists and guides in. This allows you to keep track along the way and stay organized.

During the Wedding

The most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN! There is no point in getting all flustered and frustrated during your wedding. Leave all of the worrying to your wedding planner, who is hire specifically to do just that. This is your time to sit back, enjoy and be a guest at your own event.

After the Wedding

Now that you’ve experienced the ups and downs of planning a wedding, take some time to reflect and review your budget. Many times we tend exceed our budget, however, with a wedding planner, it’s their job to keep you as close to it as possible all while keeping you informed. And lastly, don’t forget to send out your thank you cards to all guests who took the time to show their love by attending your wedding.

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