Brides.com has an awesome article on 6 things a guest should never do. And to be honest, there are probably way more than “6 things” but we will discuss those on a later date. For now, familiarize yourself with these 6 things your guests shouldn’t do at your wedding and make sure you keep them aware.  One cute way to do that is create a FB group for your guests and share this post…. that way, they cannot say “I didn’t know”. Lol

  1. Don’t RSVP With an Uninvited Plus One
  2. Don’t Arrive with a Guest If You Weren’t Invited With One
  3. Don’t Wear White
  4. Don’t Ignore the Dress Code
  5. Don’t Show Up Late
  6. Don’t Get Trashed

Read more on each topic here.

Happy Planning! XO

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