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Aisle Runner Ideas

The right wedding decorations and accessories pull a wedding together and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the trendiest looks or elegant feel. Long ago in a romantic era of unpaved roads, guests would track dirt into the church and the brides dress would get dirty. Aisle runners were used to protect her gown from the dirt. Today, however, bridal couples simply use aisle runners to add a royal touch to the venue’s aisle, whether indoors or outdoors. However, outdoor weddings always have a special aura about them that only nature can provide, and an aisle runner is the perfect adornment to protect the bride’s dress from catching or from picking up grass stains.

Functional, Symbolic and Attractive

If you have set your heart on a particular venue, and there is an eye-sore stain on the aisle floor, these runners can play a major role in hiding or camouflaging flooring defects so that you get your heart’s desire with the venue of your choice.

Once offered in muted tones such as white, beige or ivory, an aisle runner today, regarded as a sought after wedding ceremony accessory, is available in different colors and patterns. The runners can even be tailored to tone in with the wedding theme colors. The bride walking down the aisle looks more picture-perfect than ever with her embellished walkway.  Aisle runners usually measure 100’x3ft, but they can be customized to suit the length and width of the walkway you’ll be using.

Timeless Elegance

A wedding day demands eye-catching decorations and accessories, and many brides make it their wish to walk on a rose-petal strewn walkway. An aisle runner is such a simple concept, but these decorative carpets being rolled out with different images, such as your monogram and slogans on them to ensure a unique bridal walkway. Today these runners are slip-free and can be as lacy or as plain as you want. As elegant and as funky as you desire.

The idea behind the aisle runner is to ensure, that as the bride takes her first step down the aisle, everyone’s attention is focused on you and your eye-catching, custom-designed wedding aisle runner.. ok not really, its your dress and your new wedding glow.  However, the aisle runner can simply accentuate your beauty and presence.  These custom-designed, personalized aisle runners are designed to simply reflect your individuality.  For for help with your wedding, book your consultation NOW.


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