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Save The Dates

Save The Date… what are they? A save the date is considered a pre invitation and its generally sent to your guests that you plan to invite to your wedding to give them the heads up on your wedding and the date.  This allows people to prepare, maybe requesting time off or buying airline tickets, etc.  Nowadays, couples are being more and more creative with their save the dates, some are mailed out via US Postal service and others are simply on a digital format.  And because of this, there are so many options for looks, themes, and ideas.. the important thing is to choose something that matches the both of you.  In this article about save the dates by Off Beat Bride, they go into detail as well as include various samples of what other couples have decided to use.  This is a great red for inspiration if you are newly engaged and interested in sending out your own save the date cards. Read more

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