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Are there things you need to do before you buy your wedding dress? A wedding dress should define you inside and out… it should match your beauty, personality and attitude. It is a fancy and formal way to show your guests who is most important on this special day and it is never too early to start looking.  Therefore, there are several things that you should do before you just JUMP UP and purchase a wedding dress.

Wedding Dress | Determine Your Budget

The first things you must do when it comes time to look for a wedding dress is, determine your budget.  You should never just go out shopping, find a dress you love then not be able to afford it.  Just like the overall wedding budget, you should also have a set amount for your wedding dress.  Dresses come in all shapes, sizes and prices… you have to know where you fall.

Wedding Dress | Don’t Forget The Big Picture

One of the most important things is to make sure you DON’T FORGET the big picture. Which is what?  This dress you choose, you will have to wear all night and depending on your wedding style, theme or tradition, could be hours long.  So choose a wedding dress that relates to you as well as looks amazing but feels comfortable.

Wedding Dress | Limit Your Entourage

Now this is probably the best advice we can give you… as a bride, you can easily become very overwhelmed with advice and opinions from others.  So be mindful who you choose to go with you on your dress hunting, sometimes too many different opinions and attitudes can be a very BAD idea.  Other things you can do before shopping for a wedding dress are: Have a plan (book appointments in advance), Keep in mind that the first dress is probably ‘THE ONE’, shapewear is your BF (Do Not Be Afraid, lol) and finally be prepared (it’s ok to dress up a little, have your makeup and hair done, feel so the dress looks better when you put it on).  The wedding dress you choose is very important, so take your time and be patient when you begin your shopping process.

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