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The Difference between Low and Peak Wedding Season

There are many lucky people who are financially well off and who can choose exactly what they want when it comes to preparing a dazzling wedding. For those on tight budgets however, there is such a price difference between low and peak wedding seasons that it cannot be overlooked.

How to Save with an Off-Season Wedding


The time of year you choose for your wedding date, as well as the time of week and time of day can affect wedding costs significantly, from the floral arrangements to the photographer’s costs to the price you pay for the venue.

It is nothing new to discover that vendors charge far higher prices when their services are most in demand. Did you know that evening weddings for instance just happen to be more popular, and that they are far more expensive than were you to opt for the same venue, but were to choose a morning wedding?

Saturdays too, are a popular day for a wedding, so a wedding on a Saturday night in June, which is a hugely popular wedding month in the United States, will set you back financially simply because you’ve selected all the hot-spot favorite times to tie the knot.

Week Day Wedding Prices Drastically Reduced

Couples, who are serious about saving money, even consider their wedding ceremony to be held during the week. This is considered a low-peak time. Apart from venue rental costs being at an all time low, hotel rates during the week are far lower than they are over the weekend. Airfares are also typically cheaper on weekdays too.

During off-peak months, wedding vendors offer better pricing just to attract more business which opens the doors for couples to negotiate excellent prices. Off-season may well mean some guests not attending and it may mean less-favorable weather conditions, but it will certainly mean more favorable financial conditions for you.

There is no doubt there are many financial savings with off-peak weddings – you just have to do your homework carefully. There is no fun in making massive savings with an off-season wedding and landing up at a wedding- and honeymoon destination known for its hurricanes during these off-season periods.

Unique and Personalized

Weddings in off-season times may cost less, but you also need to consider the practicality of where and when it takes place. Saying no to popular summer weddings in favor of the more unpopular winter wedding certainly has another benefit – you get a more unique, personalized celebration.

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