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Planning your dream wedding is exciting, yet can very quickly become very stressful, especially if you plan on doing any part of the wedding yourself. Many of the of the brides on Rustic Wedding Chic are planning rustic budget weddings so they start to think about rustic DIY wedding projects that might add some beauty without breaking the bank. But before you run out to the local craft store and buy supplies to make anything you’ve ever seen on Pinterest, take some time to prioritize what is most important to you and your spouse-to-be. Do you care most about food? Music? The dress? Once you’ve pinpointed your priorities, plan a budget and either DIY or hire professionals accordingly. Sometimes the idea of taking on a DIY wedding bouquet sounds great however you might not want to be worried about doing the flowers the day of your wedding so you might want to think about on something you can do weeks or even months in advance, like DIY rustic wedding favors. Here’s what Rambling House suggests on where to splurge on expert help, and where DIY is best. If you are looking for a good DIY short list to start with, try our 10 Rustic Wedding DIY Projects To Try.

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