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Wedding Reception
Your wedding reception should be just a special as your wedding ceremony. From something as simple as picking the right dance floor to inviting the right guests, all which contribute to your PERFECT day. What’s your dream wedding reception; do you see your guest serving themselves or them being pampered by wait staff.

Wedding Reception | Choosing The Right Dance Floor

There are several ways to ROCK the dance floor at your wedding reception. Whether it’s in door or outdoor, you have an abundance of options. For an outdoor wedding reception, you may decide on a unique glass floor with salt-water fish of all shapes and colors swimming below your feet. This gives a great feel of dancing in the ocean for a beach themed wedding. Or if indoor, you may want the outdoor feel of twinkling stars by using an overhead projection.

Can I Invite Guests To The Ceremony & Not The Wedding Reception?

Hmmmm…. Well, it’s truly your decision. However, its tradition, that whoever is invited to the wedding ceremony is also invited to the wedding reception. This is especially delicate should you have the ceremony and reception in the same location. But if you are on a budget, it is possible to NOT invite guests to a ceremony but invite them to the reception only.

Wedding Reception | Buffet vs. Plated

This is definitely a budget driven decision. Most of us want a plated wedding reception, though it can be very costly depending on your headcount. A buffet style reception is when tables are called to go up and serve themselves food of their choice. And a plated wedding reception is when the food has already been placed on flatware and served to your guests at the table. Contact Porche Weddings to help you decide which wedding reception option is best for you.

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