Favorite Calligrapher Details in wedding Invitations

Calligraphy can be incorporated anywhere, and wedding invitations, in all their artistic creation, can make use of calligraphy on envelopes, wedding invitations, menu cards, ceremony programs and as table setting markers. The truth is that calligraphy is expensive, but many bridal couples on a tight budget, look at spot calligraphy – they just highlights important items, with astonishing effect. The Internet is a goldmine of information and creative ideas, and today there are calligraphy fonts that can be downloaded and printed onto envelopes, and research will reveal that this is often free of charge.

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Book Your Calligrapher Early


Calligraphy is a time-consuming process, with most calligraphers scheduling 2 week turnarounds, so plan accordingly. The calligrapher will show you examples of script options, with a favorite choice for weddings being Copperplate and Rosetta. Every calligrapher has their own style and every wedding couple has their own requirements, so check out the calligrapher’s portfolio and decide on the style you’re attracted to. The key to even stylish DIY wedding invitations is a fabulous font, and your calligrapher will have a list of exquisite typefaces that will have you wishing you could use them all.

Relaxed, Carefree Styles a Favorite Choice

Calligraphy used in wedding invitations today isn’t as formal and limited as it once was. Modern bridal couples are looking for more relaxed, carefree, modern styles. This is the style they want to portray to guests. Wedding invitations usually get sent at least 6 weeks before the wedding to make sure there’s enough preparation time and to ensure guests mark the date as booked.

Calligraphers are in demand and booked up, so if you want your favorite calligrapher to be available to you, be in touch with them early.  If you are looking for some of the favorite calligraphy styles, but find them too expensive, the best calligraphers offer a lower price where a regular pen is used instead of an oblique penholder dipped in ink. In the hands of an experienced calligrapher, this will look stunning and it won’t break the bank.

The beauty about finding a true and talented professional calligrapher is that even though they have a list of favorite calligrapher details, they are talented enough to look at new lettering variations and tailoring styles suited ideally to each unique idea of clients.

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