As a wedding planner, a common question we get asked by brides purchasing their own alcohol is, “how much alcohol should I have at my wedding?”  This is a great question because no one wants to under purchase and leave people irate about not having a drink… I mean,...

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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Wedding Planning 101 So, you’re engaged… now what? It’s time to start your wedding planning. Well typically the first thing we do after getting engaged is look for our wedding dress. Next we choose a date and finally search for our wedding...

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Wedding Bells at Taco Bell & Domino’s Pizza

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What this GROOM did to Kiss his Bride This is a touching picture. After the couples wedding ceremony, the bride, groom and wedding party snuck off to capture the group wedding shots. This was all while their guest were at cocktail hour, which is traditional. But what is unique...

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Tree falls at CA wedding party; 1 dead & 5 Injured I had to share. Did you hear about this? Yesterday, Saturday, December 17, 2016 a large tree fell on a wedding party in Whittier, California, killing one person and injuring at least five, confirmed by the Los Angeles County...

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So, this is a follow up to the initial post regarding this couples journey and how we decided to reach out to them and come to their rescue. If you missed that article, be sure to read it here. This couple was awesome to work with and we here...

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Brides.com has an awesome article on 6 things a guest should never do. And to be honest, there are probably way more than “6 things” but we will discuss those on a later date. For now, familiarize yourself with these 6 things your guests shouldn’t do at your wedding...

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Wedding Planner Thanksgiving! So… many of my clients ask, “since you’re a wedding planner, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?” “Do you go all out?” “Is your house all fall decorated?” Well, to be honest, I am sooooo opposite of what you may think. I am just like you....

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What is a virtual Wedding planner? What is a Virtual Wedding Planner? A virtual wedding planner is just what is says; a wedding planner that is virtual. This is a great new feature available to those brides who are either on a budget, need professional direction & navigation throughout...

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Planning a Wedding : 101 Hey there! I was just sent over by one of my DIY Brides to an awesome wedding blog by A Practical Wedding, who breaks down how to get started planning your wedding with their Planning A Wedding 101 tips, advice and more. Very resourceful...

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How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Many of my brides try to figure out how to lose weight before the wedding, how do I fit my dress and I only need to tighten up my tummy. These are common questions my brides ask me as we get closer...

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Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner…But Wish We Had A MUST READ!!! I hate to see couples struggle with planning their own wedding, but I love it when they provide honest feedback about their struggle and admit, they wish they had just hired a wedding planner.  A wedding...

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Hot Wedding Invitation Trends 2016 Certainly the wedding invitations we are seeing in 2016 are nothing short of works of art, and guests are inclined to want to keep them as treasured keepsakes long after the memory of the wedding has faded. They are interesting and original and inspire...

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Flower of the year: Hydrangeas Our flower of the year is the beautiful hydrangea. Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers, with many different species, and producing their flowers from early spring to late autumn. There are some of these shrubs such as Endless Summer Hydrangeas which are able to re-bloom throughout...

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Wedding Venues: what is a Preferred Vendor Wedding is the most special day in every one’s life and obviously people leave no stone unturned to make their big day as memorable as they can. With such an enormous variety of wedding vendors on offer, how do you select one...

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Cheap Wedding Dresses in Atlanta Every bride wants to cause a stir as she walks down the aisle, and with cheap wedding dresses in Atlanta, that is exactly what she can do, no matter what her body size and shape. Even if you choose an off the rack dress,...

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Favorite Calligrapher Details in wedding Invitations Calligraphy can be incorporated anywhere, and wedding invitations, in all their artistic creation, can make use of calligraphy on envelopes, wedding invitations, menu cards, ceremony programs and as table setting markers. The truth is that calligraphy is expensive, but many bridal couples on...

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Wedding Invitations and Don’t Forget, Free Samples When love is in the air you will want your wedding invitations to have that particular flavor to them. Just like sweets wrapped in alluring shiny paper, your wedding invitations need to evoke a sense of joy, excitement and romance. With such...

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Do you know when Wedding Season is? When the stars align and every moment is full of perfection… is that wedding season? It sound good, but not quite what is meant by “wedding season”. This is typically a time of year when weddings are most popular. We all know that...

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