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When/What is Engagement Season

Engagement followed by marriage is a dance as old as the human race and these days engagements can last years before the actual marriage or they can last just a week or two. Magic happens when it happens… so don’t be alarmed if he proposes to you outside of engagement season; remember it has to be when he is ready.  And although there are many different factors which work together to influence the time a couple decides to get engaged, experts on relationships have picked out certain times of the year that seem to captivate couples worldwide, which has thus become the engagement season trend.

Tis the Season

Engagement season is typically the day after Thanksgiving until January, with Valentines day (February 14) also being a popular time.  Facebook, a social media site, has even gone as far as to compile data from more than 2.5 million users just to uncover some ‘engagement season’ patterns. The site discovered that 1/3 of people get engaged in November and December. The social media giant even released a statement claiming that “in 2015, there were 2.6 million people who changed their status from single to engaged just in the United States alone”.  

Bling Up Your New Year

People assume that Valentine’s Day will be the time when most guys get on one knee to pop the question, however, those planning to pop the question on Christmas Eve, you are certainly going to be joining many others. This is because research reveals that this is the most popular time to propose. In fact, Christmas eve has become “the most magical time” that topped the list for the best time to delight your beloved with a proposal. 

Christmas time and the holidays are essentially about family and traditions and an engagement is the beginning of a new unity; a new family. Add to that the fact that many people loosen up at the end of the year, they unwind and start to relax. Inhibitions are down, and in this merry, light-hearted atmosphere it seems that Christmas time is the perfect time to become engaged and to start off the new year with some shiny new embellishments and a lifelong commitment.  Just remember that although there popular engagement seasons… you should only propose when you are ready.  And ladies, if that means waiting a little for the perfect guy and the perfect time.. I’m sure you’ll agree, he is worth the wait.

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