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So you know a lot about parties –you’ve thrown a bash or two back in high school and college, you even planned your high school’s senior prom, so why hire an event planner? Won’t that be just unnecessary expense? Well it would be if you’re simply planning a backyard get-together or one of those parties where all you need is chips, alcohol and a DJ.

However, for more posh events such as a masquerade, a sophisticated product launch, or your dream wedding hiring an event planner will assure you that you will have the most awesome party you haven’t even dreamed about. An event planner is a professional party planner and will therefore not only have ideas that you don’t have, but also more updated party tricks plus connections! Yes, connections to suppliers of party needs such as decorators, music, food and so much more.

So here are the top five reasons why you should hire an event planner for your wedding:

1. An event planner will get things done faster and in a more orderly manner.
Remember that event planners are professionals; they do this all the time. Especially for weddings wherein the tiniest details matter including flower prices and cake flavors, an event planner will be able to handle all these flawlessly. She knows a lot about suppliers and will therefore cross out those that does not fall within the couples budget and quality requirements, whereas a couple who tries to go without an event planner would have to canvass every single vendor and basically start from scratch. Furthermore, an event planner is used to following a timeline so she know what to do first, which tasks needs to be prioritized and such. Also, unlike regular folks who have their regular jobs to think about, the event planner’s job is this.

2. Event planners are well-connected and will save you money
Event planners know who to contact and what to expect from different vendors. She has done this a thousand times before and therefore has established relationships with a number of vendors –this gives the event planner an edge over you when it comes to budget –she can usually get you a better deal.

3. Event planners will save your sanity
Planning an event, especially the wedding of your dreams, can be extremely stressful. What with all the details and disagreements over these details. Event planners act as a buffer, a level headed consultant during these stressful times and she will often have an amazing idea that will surely please both parties.

4. Will give you the wedding of your dreams and more

No matter how much you think you are an expert when it comes to wedding, even though you have gone through the details of your dream wedding since junior prom, a wedding planner will often surprise you with amazing ideas. An event planner often does not aim to simply meet your expectations, their aim is to wow you and deliver more from what you expect.

5. An event planner will make you feel like a guest at your own event
Ever hosted a party and realized you didn’t enjoy yourself as much as you wanted to because during the event you had to take care of things? An event planner will make sure that you are stress-free not only during the organizing stage but also during the party so you can enjoy with your guests!

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