Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner…But Wish We Had

A MUST READ!!! I hate to see couples struggle with planning their own wedding, but I love it when they provide honest feedback about their struggle and admit, they wish they had just hired a wedding planner.  A wedding planner does so much more than just plan… sure you could do that yourself. But no, they are a ball full of wedding planning experience, expertise and not to mention resources; that quite honestly most people don’t regularly have access to.  Read here all about why this couple feels they should have hired a professional wedding planner, before they took the dive into planning their own wedding.

Hire a Your Planner ASAP

Don’t make the same mistake as this couple, do some research, meet with a few wedding planners and see how they can help lesson the stress during your wedding planning journey! And don’t forget to download our complimentary digital wedding planner guide to use throughout the planning process, whether you’re working with a wedding planner or not.

Happy Planning!

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