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Many times brides fall victim to thinking the only thing they must do the morning of their wedding, is put on their gown and get their hair and makeup done.  But that’s far from it.  Below we have included some of the 10 things we find highly important and should be review with your maid of honor…. that way you make sure if you forget, she remembers.

1- Eat breakfast | Just like any other day, breakfast is the most important meal to NOT skip.  Today you will be going non-stop all day long, so its very important to eat a healthy meal before you start the day.

2- Drink lots of water | Water keeps you hydrated, hydration keeps your body balanced and moving right.  So, keep some bottled water with you at all times.  Your wedding day can take a major toll on your body, let’s keep you ready for the day.

3- Have your flats handy | You’ll be in heels all day, so be sure to wake up wearing cute, comfortable flats.  You can also save those flats to trade during the end of your wedding reception, should you feel the need to.

4- Fully charge your cell phone | In todays day and age, our cell phones never leave our side.  So be sure to give your cell one last, good charge before you leave the room.

5- Playlist | Music is a great way to get you up and in the mood… it’s you big day so be sure to choose a playlist that helps you stay upbeat and in the mood for love.

6- Bridesmaids clean up before photos | Make sure you remind your bridesmaids what time you’re expecting the photographer, then have them tidy up the room before he/ she arrives for the “getting ready ” photos.

7- Clean/ redip your ring | There are going to be several pictures taken of your beautiful ring, so be sure to have your wedding ring dipped and or cleaned one last time before the wedding.

8- Bring a personal makeup bag | Yes, you may have a makeup artist coming to get you all dolled up, but just in case you may need a touch up after the ceremony, you’ll already be prepared.  Also, be sure to include your favorite lipgloss and chap stick to keep you shining and moisturized.

9- Love Note | Write your soon-to-be hubby a ‘last’ minute love note before you become his wife and send it via messenger to his room.  Let him know how excited & happy you are, to be experiencing this day with him.

10- RELAX | This is probably the most important think to remember, just before your wedding.  And you can go about this a few different ways; (a) If you are one who meditates, carve 10-15 minutes out of your morning to sit alone and have time for yourself (b) Play relaxing and calming music (c) light some aromatherapy candles (d) have a masseuse come in and give you  an hour swedish massage to relax your body (e) have a drink, but not too much, just enough to calm the nerves.

These last minute to-do’s will help make the entire wedding day more enjoyable!!

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