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The first thing you should do is hire a wedding planner.  You must remember that in the wedding industry, most vendors are generally only affiliated with their specific service, where as a wedding planner knows about all vendors and the services they offer.  So, your best bet, is to go with a pro in the business like us, who offer anything from a day- of planner to full serviced wedding planner.

1. Prioritize Your “Must Haves” | It can get hectic when you have all these ideas and images in your head of what you want, like or think you want at your wedding.  It can be simple from ‘I want a Candy Buffet table’ to ‘We have to leave in a horse and carriage’. You have to take all of those thoughts and prioritize them, because chances are, something ma not fit in the budget and you would be very upset if the most important thing was scratched over something you didn’t really NEED.

2. Carefully Select Your Wedding Party, Particularly Your Bridesmaids | Tradition says that bridesmaids are there to help you with all aspects of the wedding including making favors, putting together centerpieces, etc.  So you should make sure you think very hard before you just choose your cousin Becky or your coworker Angela to play this role, as it may require some work.  And as your wedding planner, i’d want to know, are they willing to help?

3. Know Your Style | Your wedding should be about you and your style, your personality, no some new persona you created when you got engaged.  There are so many wedding styles flowing through the webpages of Google these days, decide which one fits you, not the other way around.

4. Stay In Season | Should you decide to use flowers as a part of your wedding decor, be sure you are choosing flowers that are in season.  Ask your florist/ event designer what florals are in season, should you not be familiar.  That way you can be sure to keep cost down, by not shipping in flowers that are out of season.

5. Send Invitations On A Wednesday | Why are we specifying to send your invitations out on Wednesday vs any other day?  Well, if you send them on wednesday, more than likely your guests will receive them by the weekend.  That way when they get them, they can actually sit and read them; put some thought into if they can make it or not.  There are some people who work weekends, but majority of people tend to be off those days.

6. Decide On Your RSVP Window 3-4 Weeks | We know how we can get sometimes, with forgetting to RSVP and having to remind people to RSVP.  This gives you time for the RSVP’s that will slowly trickle in as well as be able to contact anyone whom you haven’t heard from yet.  You want to allow for some time in between so that you have ample time to get your final head count to the caterers.

Now, like we mentioned earlier, in the event you have the budget to hire a wedding planner, you should do so NOW, lol.  Planning a wedding can be a hassle and very stressful, so start early and eliminate the worries.


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