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<title>Top 3 wedding color schemes for 2016</title>
Gone are the traditional formal white weddings of yesteryear. The idea of white originated from Queen Victoria who wore a white lace dress for her wedding day when she married Prince Albert. The white wedding dress became the garment of choice, and the use of white wedding dresses in Hollywood movies simply contributed to crystallizing the dress as norm.      
Of course Diane Spencer’s off-white wedding dress when she married the Prince of Wales simply entrenched the white wedding dress even further. Fast-forward to 2016 and the white wedding has taken a back-seat to other exciting colors and trends to guarantee dramatic and striking weddings. Hot colors express the character of the bride and are certainly worth checking out. Our top 3 wedding color schemes for 2016 are daring and eye-catching.  

Orange – orange is positive, optimistic and warm and is guaranteed to create a vibey, social and amicable mood throughout the wedding. If you’re looking for colors to complement orange, you can mix other warm colors such as yellow with orange or even choose to blend metallic silver with orange. A bright orange theme blends well with bright citrus shades like tangerine. If you choose to wed in autumn, orange is beautiful with gold or brown, creating a warm ambiance.

Indigo Blue – deep blue and violet inspires sincerity, dignity and a sense of fairness. Blue is a particular popular color in 2016 because emphasis is on rest and calm and blue invokes a serene environment. Electric blue can be energetic and looks awesomely dramatic when paired with purple or black.

Pink – when it comes to color psychology, pink stands for unconditional love and passion. Choosing pink for your wedding shows that you are kind, generous and sensitive. Combining romantic hot pink with red is a popular choice in 2016, particularly if you are planning a Valentine’s Day theme wedding. Pale pink and white boxes topped with red and pink flowers make an eye-catching centerpiece.
Choosing a color for your wedding is made easier with Mother Nature guiding you. Spring and summer 2016 is all about natural color straight from nature. No longer are weddings about uninspiring pastels – they are about you, and if your personality is outrageous red, don’t be afraid to bring out the glam with a splash of color.

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