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When it comes times to book your wedding venue, you must first take some time to do all of your homework.  Yes! Yes, you do have homework.  There many things you must know and have addressed before you fall in love and take their word for everything. Many times, brides without wedding planners, fall victim to their own ignorance.  The wedding & event industry can be very tricky if you don’t know what you are doing, specifically the wedding venue.

The Secret About Wedding Venues

As a wedding planner, we have learned that there are many things you MUST know about before allowing your bride to sign a contract.  Like any other contract, wedding venue contracts should be read and reviewed in detail.  It’s also smart to have someone else, whom has your best interest at hand, to reread the contract, in case you missed anything.  In this blog we have included 10 key questions to make sure you know and are aware of before you sign.

Wedding Venues | 10 Questions You Must Ask

1) Is there an additional fee for using my vendors of choice?
2) Does the price include alcohol or is that in addition to?
3) Can I bring my own cake, food and/ drinks?
4) If I bring my own cake, food and/ drink, are there additional fees? If so what are they?
5) Are rentals included? Such as tables, chairs and linens?
6) Who is responsible for setup, breakdown and clean up, you or me?
7) Is there a fee for parking or is that included?
8) Is there a time block allowed for this price and if so what’s the additional cost/ hour should I exceed that?
9) What is the tax rate and other related fees associated?
10) Is there a discounted rate for my vendors & how do I include them in my headcount?

Wedding Favors | Other Unique Ideas

There are many reasons to hire a wedding planner, being the KNOW-IT-ALL in our profession is simply a ➕ for you, the bride… Here are 10 questions I would confirm with a potential wedding venue before allowing my bride to sign a BINDING contract! Don’t be naive, ask questions!

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