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Wedding Trends For 2017 May Hold into 2018 While the colors of the understated bridal party have embraced the super-elegant and formal wedding, colors have balanced between traditional pastels and sleek black and navy blue. But the bride of 2017 is ready to shake things up a bit. Colors...

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Engagement season is here! Engagement… are you ready to POP the big question? Have you been waiting for the right time and right the place to ask the love of your life to be with you forever? Well, that time is almost near. Engagement season is just around the corner...

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Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner…But Wish We Had A MUST READ!!! I hate to see couples struggle with planning their own wedding, but I love it when they provide honest feedback about their struggle and admit, they wish they had just hired a wedding planner.  A wedding...

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Save The Dates Save The Date… what are they? A save the date is considered a pre invitation and its generally sent to your guests that you plan to invite to your wedding to give them the heads up on your wedding and the date.  This allows people to...

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Do you know when Wedding Season is? When the stars align and every moment is full of perfection… is that wedding season? It sound good, but not quite what is meant by “wedding season”. This is typically a time of year when weddings are most popular. We all know that...

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So you finally decided to make possibly the biggest decision of your life, and agreed to marry the person you feel head over heels for. Congratulations! But wait… before you celebrate and enjoy the big day, there are many things you will need to do to prepare for this...

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The Difference between Low and Peak Wedding Season There are many lucky people who are financially well off and who can choose exactly what they want when it comes to preparing a dazzling wedding. For those on tight budgets however, there is such a price difference between low and...

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<title>What you should Expect from a Wedding Consultation</title> If you have any doubts about your own wedding plans and how your actual wedding day will proceed, a wedding consultation service can put your mind at rest. They are great for couples who still want an active role in the...

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When/What is Engagement Season Engagement followed by marriage is a dance as old as the human race and these days engagements can last years before the actual marriage or they can last just a week or two. Magic happens when it happens… so don’t be alarmed if he proposes...

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Meet The Wedding Planner Are you ready to meet the wedding planner?  It’s time to meet the owner, lead wedding planner and coordinator here at Porche Weddings and Special Events. Want to get the scoop? Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Wedding Lovely to read...

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Are there things you need to do before you buy your wedding dress? A wedding dress should define you inside and out… it should match your beauty, personality and attitude. It is a fancy and formal way to show your guests who is most important on this special day and...

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Are you planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding? There are so many reasons why we all fall in love with Disney and the Disney fairytale wedding.  As children we grow up watching and falling in love with Disney movies.  And here we have selected our TOP 20 love quotes from various...

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Weddings encompass many things, from wedding centerpieces, to wedding flowers, wedding vendors and much more. When it comes to wedding decor, you want to try a choose a theme or design scheme and have it flow throughout the entire wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, evenly. And no matter...

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So, you’re planning an October wedding and you want to include some type of support for breast cancer, since it is awareness month. Well, its much easier than you think. There are so many ways you can incorporate your support for breast cancer awareness into your weddings. Below, we...

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Ditch the Wedding Cake So you don’t want a big old wedding cake and you also want to avoid that crazy “Cake Cutting Fee”, yet you still want that beautifully designed dessert that will knock everyones socks off? No worries!! These days you have so many options to choose...

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Wedding Planning Apps….. Yasss! So, back in the day it everything was dine on paper, in writing and in person. However, times are a changing and technology is taking over more than ever before. Planning your wedding has never been so much fun, creative and exciting as it is...

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Many times brides fall victim to thinking the only thing they must do the morning of their wedding, is put on their gown and get their hair and makeup done.  But that’s far from it.  Below we have included some of the 10 things we find highly important and...

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The first thing you should do is hire a wedding planner.  You must remember that in the wedding industry, most vendors are generally only affiliated with their specific service, where as a wedding planner knows about all vendors and the services they offer.  So, your best bet, is to...

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When it comes times to book your wedding venue, you must first take some time to do all of your homework.  Yes! Yes, you do have homework.  There many things you must know and have addressed before you fall in love and take their word for everything. Many times,...

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Whether you’re planning a wedding or sweet 16, if you’re on a budget, you need various ways to save money and stay within or under your budget; like cute but CHEAP wedding favors.  Being budget conscious can be difficult at times, but if you stay connected with us here...

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